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Here at Tree Surgeon Loughton we are experts at tree surgery. Tree surgery is a task that is carried out on trees to make them healthier and more resistant to environmental factors. This includes tree stump removal, crown lifting, pruning, removal of branches etc.

Pruning: this is cutting back limbs from a tree to make it grow stronger.

The job of a tree surgeon is to ensure that trees are healthy and safe for people and pets. To do this, they might need to cut down, remove, or prune trees; trim branches; and maintain the health of the tree. Tree Surgeon Loughton are the company for you!

Tree Surgeon Loughton
Tree Surgeon Loughton

Tree Services Loughton

Tree service is a broad term used to describe companies that specialise in tree care. The tree care industry has increased in recent years which means that there are many more options available to homeowners than ever before.
All landscaping companies are not the same and that’s why it’s important for homeowners to know what they should be looking for when hiring a tree service company. Tree Surgeon Loughton should be your fist choice. The first question you should ask yourself is whether you’ll be getting a one-time service or if this company will also provide ongoing maintenance. You should also ask about the experience of the company as well as their reputation. Tree Surgeon Loughton have both experience and reputation .

Tree Cutting Loughton


Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the process of trimming away dead, diseased, or damaged branches and twigs to promote healthy growth. It can be done to remove any vegetation that may be blocking sunlight from reaching the tree. Pruning is also used to reduce the weight of a tree so it can better withstand storms.

There are two main types of pruning: hardwood and softwood. Hardwoods are trees, bushes, and shrubs with wood that is hard and dense. Softwoods are trees, bushes, and shrubs with wood that is soft and lightweight. Pruning tools include loppers or hand saws for green wood; shears for dry wood; loppers or bypass loppers for green or dry wood; saws for green or dry wood; jacks for large limbs

Tree felling

Felling trees is a process of removing all the branches and leaves in order to prepare them for wood production. These days, thanks to advanced technology, tree felling is much easier than it used to be in the past. Tree Surgeon Loughton are experts at this.

Tree felling can be done with chainsaws or other similar devices that are able to cut through tree trunks without any problem. Chainsaws are usually much more effective because they are able to cut through the tree much quicker than other devices. They also reduce the risk of injury because they can reach high up into trees without any problems so they don’t need to use ladders or other climbing equipment.

Tree stump removal

Stumps are not just unsightly- they can pose a serious safety hazard. Most stumps are removed by machines that grind them to pieces. This process is efficient for large areas but takes time and effort on smaller ones. There are different ways to take the tree stump out, but the most popular way is grinding it out with a stump grinder.

Above are just a few of the many tree services we offer, contact us now for your free quote.

Loughton is positioned in the county of essex, eastern england, 3 miles north of the city of chigwell, 8 miles south of the fundamental city of harlow, and 13 miles north-east of london. Loughton lies  miles north-east of the greater london border. Loughton falls in the district council of epping woodland, underneath the county council of essex. It’s miles in the ig10 postcode district. The put up city for loughton is loughton.

Loughton is a city and civil parish in the epping woodland district of essex and, for statistical purposes, part of the metropolitan place of london and the greater london city area. It’s far located among 11 and 13 miles (21 km) north east of charing pass in london, south of the m25 and west of the m11 toll road and has boundaries with chingford, waltham abbey, Theydon bois, chigwell and buckhurst hill. Loughton consists of 3 conservation areas and there are fifty six indexed buildings in the metropolis, collectively with a in addition 50 which can be domestically indexed. The parish of loughton covers an area of approximately 3,724 acres (15 km2), of which over 1,three hundred acres (five km2) are a part of epping forest.